When You Don’t Have (time? babysitters? chops? guts? desire? whatevs!) To Do Nano You #WIPmo

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Hey guys! Last year we had an awesome little group of writers that ditched NaNo (the month where you go crazy and ovaries to the wall to write a whole novel in November). It was great. We made individual goals, were supportive, and held each other… accountable. Let’s do it again!

If you have a novel to finish. If you are working on edits. If you are revising the hell out of something that you never think you’ll finish. If you need a push to start working on the book. Or a pull to finish that other book. Let’s do it.

Every Sunday I’ll post a check-in. We’ll check-in in the comments section, write about what we did and what we’re going to do. It’s easy. And we’ll check in with each other throughout the week on Twitter and have mini WIPmo writing or revising sessions. Start now or jump in mid-month–whatever you need to get on or back on track with your writing.

All inclusive over here, so whether this is your first crack at writing a book, the book you want to query, go on sub with, or the next book you’re publishing…we’re all in this together. Well, not together because we’re all in different places, like, this is online, so you know what I mean. But, yeah. Together! #WIPmo. Follow me @amilouiseallen on twitter and keep an eye on the #WIPmo hashtag. We’ll keep you on track with gifs, empty threats, and virtual candy.

Post in the comments if you’re going to do this thing & why! Then I’ll see you back here on Sunday for our first goal setting post and we’ll do a writerly meet cute of #WIPmo peeps.


19 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have (time? babysitters? chops? guts? desire? whatevs!) To Do Nano You #WIPmo

  1. I’ll be #wipmo-ing because I work so much better when I set goals and people know about it. Hurray for accountability and writer friends! Last year I finished drafting the book that almost killed me. (it could still happen). And it took me almost a year of revising because YOU GUYS. I just sent it over to my agent yesterday. *cries tears of exhaustion & joy*
    Anyway! I am super excited to work on something else for November. But I need this push otherwise I’d probably end up taking a break.

  2. YES! I’m in!

    Because I *finally* got to a point where this WIP almost makes sense, and I don’t want to put it aside, but there’s not 50k left in the first draft. Also, moving will eat into much of my Nov. writing time, and I’m going away Nov. 1-2. NaNo just doesn’t make sense for me right now.

    • Yay! I’m glad you’re going to keep working and pushing with your WIP! Travel, moving…yeah 50K would literally kill you. Also you’d probably unpack half a box in your move. : )

  3. I’m in, Ami. I can’t do nano this year, but have about 15k words scattered between three notebooks and my computer on this exciting new WIP. But I’ve still got to do lots of research and connect some threads in order to have a cohesive framework for my pantsing style to be efficient this month.
    Thanks for slamming this option down on the table!

    • Robert: I’m scared if you ever have been able to do Nano. I seriously think you’re part robot! I’m also usually a pantser but my last WIP I did a beat sheet that helped me in revisions but of course I didn’t stick to it. I guess it’s just not my way! However. I have a story in my head and I think I’m going to do some super loose chapter plotting and see how that works out for me this month.
      I’m excited for you to finish this new book!

  4. I love having goals. And when other people are holding me accountable, it gives me the push I need. I’m new to all of this, and have a first draft ms that needs a lot of fine-tuning and some beefing up.

    • Hey Shannon–this will be great. Instead of writing sprints, you can do revising sprints and get chunks/pages of your first draft revised at a time. I’m sure that you’ll have a tiger ms by month’s end–we’ll all keep each other on track.

  5. I LOVE me some #wipmo!!!!!!!! Def doing it this November though I think I’ll hit my goal way before the end of Nov. =D My goal is to finish agent revisions. (Yo Ames you may be reading soon!) xoxo

  6. So glad I found this in time! Jumping on because I so badly wanted to do #nano this year but I’m knee deep in drafting a wip and can’t emotionally and mentally invest in starting another one until this one is done. My goal is to write between 40-50k to finish it off by end of November!

  7. I’m totally in again this year! Last year WIPmo gave me the push to finish and revise my ms in time for Pitch Wars. This year I’m technically NaNo-ing because I’m starting this 15k WIP from scratch, but it’s something I’ve been working on, so it’s still a WIP. My goal is a 60k first draft in 30 days. This is a questionable goal, but I’m hoping the accountability will keep me where I need to be.

    • I’m glad you’re back! Last year was great for me too. You do have a big goal but we’ll see how much you can get done this first week and then maybe that will help gage what you’ll be able to do! Good luck!!

  8. Hi Ami! Thank you! I’m so in. September and October got away from me (new job, possible move, a husband who thinks I should talk to him…) and I’m just starting to query the MS I thought would be out a few months ago so I need to catch up on planning and then start writing the new story. I am desperate for some WIPmo pals to get me fired up again. THANK YOU THANK YOU. (and I’ll use fewer run-on sentences in the real thing). Go WIPmo Team!!

  9. Hey everybody! I’m going to do WIPmo because I’ve done NaNoWrimo since I was 11, and I want to focus on actually revising something to querying standards, but there will be a void in my heart through all of November if I simply vow to “work” on it. Specific goals and a support system to check in with sounds awesome! Good luck with your projects!

  10. Hi Allison!! I’m so amazed at your Nano Creds! I’m not sure I could ever–unless I was in a cabin all alone with a chef and masseuse stopping in once a day! I’m super excited for you to want to get something query ready—that is a big goal and VERY exciting. We will all be working on our goals all month long and checking in weekly—I’ll put up a post on Sundays so everyone can check in Sun or Mondays. And then of course we’ll do #WIPmo writing and revising sessions throughout the week so watch the hashtag! Good luck!!

  11. Hi all — I want in on #WIPmo! I love this idea! Rachel Simon just clued me in…I’m revising the book I wrote during NaNo last year (and which is coming out in the spring, EEP). I’d love to revise with support! How do I sign up?

    • Sounds awesome, Kristine! There’s no sign up or anything hardcore like that. We’re easy going but supportive and want you to meet your goals. I’m doing a post every Sunday and all you have to do is check in on Sun or Mon with your weekly goals and how you’re doing! I’ll be doing today’s post shortly!

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