All not dressed up & a place to write! #WIPmo Check-In 1/5

Not everyone is doing Nano, so here we are! Check this post & the comments to see why #WIPmo instead of Nano this year. 

Hey everyone, take off your pants and write a while. And by take off your pants, I really just mean throw on your track pants, pjs, yoga pants, sweats, or whatever you write in. Then, it’s business time. Writing business, that is. Let’s get some books finished, started, edited, or revised.

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This our first #WIPmo check-in out of five. Every Sunday, I’ll put up a post. You’ll have Sunday and/or Monday to swing by and update us on how you did for the previous week and what your goals this week will be. I’ll usually throw in an extra question or two as well and you’ll just post your answers in the comment section. It’ll take a minute or two.

Feel free to Do use the #WIPmo hashtag throughout the week to call for writing/revising buddies or to let us know when you’ll be writing so we can join you. I’m usually writing sometime after the kids go to bed so expect some #WIPmo writing sessions parties after 9PM. *whoop whoops & tosses Halloween candy in the air like she just don’t care*

Ok. That’s it. Really!

Let’s Have a Great Week, Guys!

Post The Following In The Comments:

1. Your Twitter Handle (if you have one)

2. Your Writing Goal For The Week!

3. What you’re working on: Category/Genre & 1 sentence to describe your WIP.

4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: Where & What You Wear When You Write


16 thoughts on “All not dressed up & a place to write! #WIPmo Check-In 1/5

  1. 1. @amilouiseallen
    2. Goal: I’m starting something pretty new and I already have a beat sheet for it but I want to do a super laid-back chapter plotting sheet (crazy idea for a pantser/plantser) and also write over 2K words.
    3. Category/Genre & 1 sentence to describe your WIP. YA Contemporary. Super vague descrip: Dark secrets, hate, and a psych ward summer meets all the fun and drama of high school and insta-love.
    4. Writing Where/Wear: I love writing away from home (jeans & a The Raven T-shirt has become my writing uniform) without the noise of mom life OR bc that’s usually a once a week thing, I write in bed, in my pjs when everyone’s asleep.

  2. 1. @SoniaHartl1
    2. Goal for the week: 20k. This seems like a lot, but I’m rewriting 15k to fit my new and improved plot, and I did some significant planning on this first part. Plus I’ve got some vacation this week, so I’ll have three full eight hour days without my kids to just write.
    3. Category/Genre & 1 sentence: YA Contemporary. Teen pageant queen tests the limits of what she’s capable of in the rock climbing world, making her question who really wants the crown: her or her helicopter mom.
    4. Writing Where/Wear: Now that I got a laptop (yay!), I can write anywhere. Still prefer my desk though. In what my husband calls my ‘I give up’ pants.

  3. 1. @SZastoupil
    2. goal: Edit/rewrite first three chapters of my MS. I haven’t started yet, but I hope to begin tonight! I’m super excited.
    3.genre: Adult. and this is where I struggle. It’s adult because there is a tonne of swearing and sex. the sex is not overly descriptive so I would definitely not consider it erotica, but there aren’t a whole lot of pretty words used during those parts either. sigh.
    4. I love yoga pants. and if I’m leaving the house, I usually put jeans on. I have a laptop that has a broken battery, so now I have to be plugged in at all times. I write anywhere my kids are not. Usually for a few hours in the afternoon before they get home from school (and after I get my photog work done), or after they go to bed.

  4. So happy you’re doing this again, Ami!!

    1. @rlynn_solomon
    2. This week’s goal is small, since I’ll be on a business trip Tuesday-Friday. I’d like to polish 3 chapters of my WIP.
    3. Dual POV YA contemporary featuring twin sisters
    4. Any warm coffeeshop! My writing uniform in the fall: leggings, oversized sweater, scarf, fingerless gloves, hot chocolate stains on at least one article of clothing

  5. @kathleea
    Goal for the week: write 2K a day
    I’m working on a vampire cozy foodie mystery with recipes. Here’s the Pinterest page about it:

    “It’s where vampires go to get blood and dessert.” -tagline

    I wear comfortable clothes to write in.

  6. Hi all,

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this group.

    1. @KristineAsselin
    2. Goal is to begin addressing editor notes and not freak out. 🙂
    3. YA contemporary: Teenage girl escapes her demanding father and her responsibilities at the family-run pizza restaurant to join an abysmal losing boys hockey team.
    4. No writers uniform per se. Just what I’m wearing for the day.

  7. 1.@paintandwords
    2. To overcome my first 2 chapter issues and edit past the next five already written, so that next week I can just continue with the story!
    3. MG Dark fantasy. Sequel, ghost hunt. And evil queen set on revenge for her death, searches for Lily, the one responsible, to bring her back to life.
    4. Prefer tracksuit, but have left it in the kids sleeping room today…*sigh* so jeans it is.

  8. 1. @silent_pages

    2. Writing Goal: Finish adding the new ending of my WIP, because I’ve been plugging away at it for ages and I know where I’m going at this point, but am still lingering/struggling to balance writing with college.

    3. YA urban(?) fantasy, on the darker side. It involves a high school drop-out struggling with the family legacy of guarding a “haunted” prison full of malevolent fae. Also, vigilantes.

    4. I write on a horribly uncomfortable futon that I have–against all odds–grown accustomed to. I would like to do more coffee shop writing, but that would require leaving the futon. Generally I write in sweatpants and other lounge-y clothes, surrounded by the wrappers of too many snacks.

  9. I love that you’re doing this. I’ve never NaNo-ed – it really doesn’t suit me. But I am going through some STUFF getting started on my next project, so this is perfect. I just made a plan for November, so now you all can keep me accountable.
    1) @JMCwrites
    2) Week’s goal: research. Get through at least two books + a bunch of web stuff + figure out how to find an article from the NYT around 1960.
    3) What I’m working on: This is the thing. I’m waiting to hear back from my agent on four different proposals for potential new projects – 2 MG & 2 YA, 3 of which are contemp, 1 is 1960 historical. I’ve written synopses & first chapters for all four.
    4) A wonderful writing friend just sent me the best present in the world: Ravenclaw sweatpants! I definitely wear sweats/yoga pants, and I work from home at an antique sewing table next to a huge window.

  10. 1. @agenip

    2. Starting to write. I know, I know, but that blank page!! I am trashing and rewriting a previous MS (new MC, new plot twist, different time frame) b/c I have to get it out of my system. I have about 25 scenes mapped out, but not sure if this is the story, yet, BUT I think I need to knock out the first few chapters and see if what I think makes a chapter really is before I start filling things in.

    3. What you’re working on: Category/Genre & 1 sentence to describe your WIP.
    YA Magical realism- A college-bound perfectionist unlocks the secret to her grandmother’s disappearance and meets the boy who’ll change her careful plans.

    4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: Where & What You Wear When You Write
    Sitting cross-legged on the couch with my laptop on a pillow on my lap (b/c that makes it ergonomic-ish) with a bottle of seltzer at the ready. Holey jeans, sweats, or PJs. I love writing at coffee shops, but getting out after the kiddo goes to sleep takes more energy than I have most nights. I’m trying an experiment with early morning writing (no interruptions!). So far, I’ve managed to make myself tired, but hopefully that will pick up steam.

    Thank you for being here. Good luck to everyone!!

  11. 1. @SharonTabakBisk
    2. I’m editing so most of the writing I doing now is to fill in gaps in the story, or to replace filtering words and the dreaded “that.”

    3. Middle Grade Literary Fiction. I’m not at the point where I can boil it down to one sentence.

    4. In the dining room, dressed in my clothes for work so I can sprint for the door when my writing time is up and I have to leave.

  12. 1. @RobertPolk2
    2. Goal this week: Complete new story arc with plausible subplot connections. The loose framework for this book keeps shifting on me and I’m finally at the point where I want to nail down a query and pants away.
    3. MG (maybe morphing into YA) contemporary with sci fi and historical elements.– Homeschooling children believe a retirement home resident’s tale of a hidden fortune buried somewhere on her family’s homestead in the Nebraska sandhills and embrace a journey filled with native lore, pioneer history, astronomy, and small town secrets. (This will probably evolve as the characters share more info with me.)
    4. I do much of my writing from the driver’s seat (wearing jeans) while waiting for a child’s activity to finish. At night, when it gets quiet around here, I put on sleepwear and ear buds and write in bed.

  13. 1. Your Twitter Handle: @RachelWrites007

    2. Your Writing Goal For The Week! Open up my ms and work on it. LOL!!!! I am near the last bit of revisions and need to go through and add backstory to my secondary characters. And add more about my MC.

    3. What you’re working on: Category/Genre & 1 sentence to describe your WIP.
    YA contemporary – Sadie’s soldier sister goes MIA overseas but if that isn’t enough…when she finally comes home, secrets between them will change their relationship.

    4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: Where & What You Wear When You Write
    – Jeans, sweater, tights, and I usually write at home or in a cafe. Or the library. And always by myself. (I am too extroverted to work with others 😉 )

  14. 1. @BAWilsonWrites

    2. Writing Goal: I will write 2.5K per day on my NaNo novel and edit at least 1 chapter from my previous novel based on CP notes. Since Sunday is day 9, that means I need 22.5K by the end of Sunday on my NaNo novel (which is all I focused on the first four days–currently at almost 13K), and I need to edit 9 chapters of the Space Fantasy (starting from chapter 4, so I’ll get through CH 13). This seems like a lot, but I’m not working most of the week, which seriously helps. I want to get ahead now, as it will get harder.

    3. What you’re working on:YA Dark Contemporary (Yeah, I totally made that genre up, because I’m not sure what genre fits it best yet.) Etta lives to log on and escape the ugliness of her life, but online, no everyone can be trusted, including Etta herself. (Okay, that’s the worst description ever, but I’m not going to take time to fix it now.)

    4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: I like to write from my recliner or lying on the floor with my dog. I usually wear my gray yoga pants or fuzzy pj pants and a cozy, worn out t-shirt or long-sleeved tee. However, I’m visiting my mother this week, so I’m writing in her living room (and she rarely stops talking to me).

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  16. […] As if joining NaNoWriMo wasn’t enough, I’ve jumped in on #WIPmo too! Check it out here: Ami with an I […]

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