#WIPmo Week 2 Check-in! Run Writers Run!

Hey #WIPmo crew! Today is our second check-in but our first check in to see how we’re doing with goals! And, as I’ve written before, we’re a fairly chill group, so even if you weren’t here last week, please jump in and get started with us!

This past week was really intense for me. I was finishing up edits for Liars and Losers Like Us and the deadline was Friday. Yes, I could’ve asked for a small extension, but I was determined to make it. And I did! But, I was exhausted. I think most non-writers would think “Writing? How does that make you tired? What?” Well, I’m not sure about you guys, but for me, when I’m doing some heavy edits/revising, it’s pretty emotionally taxing. There’s the work of MAKING EVERY SENTENCE THE BEST IT COULD BE because this is the home stretch. For me this time, I felt the pressure of knowing that “other people” are going to read these exact sentences. Not just my agent, CPs, and editor who can say “Oh maybe use this word!” Show this better!” Or “This is confusing, try something else!” So yeah, that’s a little stressful. But I loved it. I really did. Probably my favorite part of the process so far.

And then there’s the whole connecting with your characters thing. I tried to do most of my writing at B&N cafe, so on my 25 minute drive home, I’d use that time to “shake it off” but it was still intense. These edits had me immersed in my character’s feelings and journeys (I’m so method!) so my ride home was a little emotional. Some of my characters are on some tough paths, so it’s hard not to have the sads for them. Young-Adulting is hard!

That being said, although the last couple weeks have been tough, I am so, so grateful. You guys! We are so lucky. It feels good to be putting so much blood, sweat and tears into something I’m so passionate about. Writing balances me. I’m a better wife and parent (not housekeeper!) when I’m also doing something to nourish my creative side. And some of us did have a little bit of this convo on twitter the other day but I want to remind you (and definitely me) that we shouldn’t feel bad about taking and making writing time. Just because there is no big paycheck at the end of the week (not for me anyway) and just because some things get neglected (drinks with friends, toilets, Netflix with significant other, sinks, watching a movie with the kids) doesn’t mean that art is not important and necessary. It’s not just a hobby. Art is life! Without art we are slightly leveled-up zombies.

This week, let’s run like the wind. Let’s set aside time and even squeeze some in when we’re not feeling it, and go! Go!

wipmo2015 scooby doo running

Check in below in the comments! I’ll go first so you can follow my lead. Speaking of follow, be sure to check out the other #WIPmo writers so you can follow them on Twitter and find writing time buddies.


15 thoughts on “#WIPmo Week 2 Check-in! Run Writers Run!

  1. Name: Ami
    Twitter Handle: @amilouiseallen
    How I did This past week: i finished edits! Yay! But, I did not get anything else done with my WIP. I was too exhausted and I really did need the weekend to break. Sorry WIP, not sorry!
    This week’s goals: Finish scene-by scene outline of WIP. (1-3 sentences for each scene) Start planning revision (hopefully last one for this WIP!) so I can get this very close to sub-ready by end of month.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: I’m going to schedule 60-90 min night sessions. Times when kids are in bed and I know I’ll have the time.
    What are you reading right now: About to start 2016 YA debut THE WAY I USED TO BE by Amber Smith

  2. Name: Sonia
    Twitter Handle: @SoniaHartl1
    How I did This past week: I’m such a slacker. I wrote 5k of total crap, threw it out, did a full chapter-by-chapter outline, started again, wrote 1.8k
    This week’s goals: I’m hoping to hit the first plot point on this WIP by week’s end.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: Focus. Let my first draft suck a little (but not so much that I write myself into a hole I can’t escape from)
    What are you reading right now: I don’t read during NaNo/WIPmo, but I have Moonpenny Island by Tricia Springstubb as my reward read once I get this draft hammered out.

    • You did so much though!! I agree with letting your first draft suck a little more. This is my plan for next time I draft. I honestly think that all the “revising/editing” I did as I drafted my WIP was too much. I think it’s made it harder for me to see issues now that I’m actually really revising. Anyway, good luck this week!! Hit the first plot point. You got this.

  3. Name: Eva
    Twitter handle: @EvaVBGibson
    How I Did This Week: I actually did reach my goal of 40k words, right under the wire on Sunday night! This was sort of made harder because my husband was on vacation and had a birthday last week, so the household schedule was thrown off, but I made it happen. Great feeling.
    This Week’s Goals: I’m going to try to hit at least 45k this week, and focus more on story building than on word count. I know there are a few issue I need to sort out.
    What I’ll Do To Make Writinf Easier This Week: not let my kids nap so they go to bed on time. The skewed schedule really messed with my whole routine.
    What Are You Reading Right Now: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Excellent voice! Highly recommend it.

    • So great that you hit 40K! You are getting solo close!! My kids don’t nap but I can def empathize with skewed schedules. This week I really need to work oaths too– getting the 5 year old to bed on time. It’ll help so much to have more writing and unwind time at night.
      I haven’t read Me, Earl &TDG or seen the movie. It’s been on my TBR for too long! Good luck this week! : )

  4. Name: Sandi
    Twitter handle: @thethirdmother
    How I did this past week: Sent one query (already rejected, but each no is closer to a yes, right?) and made my 2.5k goal. My WIP has two POVs and I’ve been struggling with one for a while, but I finally got it flowing again!
    This week’s goals: Brave another query, write another 2.5k, and hopefully do a bit of plotting to get me through the mucky middle of the story.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: This week is packed and we’re prepping for a big party, so I’m hoping to steal moments when I can. I bought a giant stack of sticky notes to help with plotting; we’ll see how that goes!
    What I’m reading right now: I AM J by Chris Beam

    • Congrats on sending out the query! Hope you have others out there or you’re about to send more off in spite of the NO you just got. Crossing my fingers for some requests this week!

      Sounds like your week is busy but if you do carve out time here and there, you’ll get stuff done! And always, yay for sticky notes! ; )

  5. Name: Rena
    Twitter Handle: @originallyrena
    How I did This past week: I got my latest (and hopefully final, but I said that the last three times) edits to my editor with a day to spare. I only wrote about 11K words instead of my 15K goal, but most of those were in one night. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.
    This week’s goals: Another 10K on the WIP. I’m within 20K of the end. I think.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: I will not turn on Hallmark Christmas movies. I will not turn on Hallmark Christmas movies. I will not…
    What are you reading right now: My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick

    • Oh mannnnn. How stressful! Congrats on getting the edits in with a day to spare though. Impressive! I hope this was your last round! : )
      Also, I can’t believe you got 11K words in–that is amazing! That write all night thing sounds super fun and productive.

      Good luck on writing another 10 K and staying away from Hallmark Christmas movies!

  6. Name: Geni
    Twitter Handle: @agenip
    How I did This past week: fantastic. This was a great week for me. I figured with a 240 page draft, I need to revise 60 pages a week to make this work & I got exactly to 60 by mid-day on Saturday. What made it most terrific was I think I finally found the heart (& voice) of the mc in this tortured first draft. I dodged this thing for the year since I wrote it, but suddenly I remember why it mattered to me.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: Check Twitter. No really, I mean that. You guys were an amazing help last week. Having some accountability & a team to keep me going is such a help.
    What are you reading right now: I just bought Snow Like Ashes and I have a brief history of the Trojan War on my bedside table (research for next ms), but I should probably CP if I have any spare time. I try to turn things around quickly and it’s a struggle to do that without sacrificing writing/revising time while WIPmo is on.

    • So glad you found the heart and voice in your story–and made it to revising 60 pages. That’s great!

      It really is tough to balance writing, reading and CPing. Something or two things are always going to suffer. It’s truly a feat to carve out times for all three equally in a week.

      Hope you have another great week of #WIPmo-ing! : )

  7. Name: Jody
    Twitter Handle: @1prncs
    How I did This past week: I finished up first round of edits, reworked my newest ms based on CP feedback, and got 1000 words into my WIP.
    This week’s goals: Work on book 2 of trilogy I’m working on.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week:Keep checking in with Twitter…nice to know others are writing too. Not worry about it being perfect…just try to get the words down. Maybe connect with someone who knows something about working as an undercover cop 🙂
    What are you reading right now: Just started What I love about you by Rachel Gibson and 1/4 of a way through Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.

    • Yay to finishing up edits!! You got a lot done this past week on a couple different projects, so that’s super productive!

      I need to make sure I’m doing something each day too. It does help to see that others are working too. I’m sure you’ll rock week 2!

  8. Name: Michelle
    Twitter Handle: @michellehulse
    How I did This past week: I drafted the first act of my MG WIP (8k), and beta read for a CP. Woohoo!
    This week’s goals: Well, my goal was to hit 15 this week, but the week keeps piling on me (schedule-wise and emotional distress), so if I can pick myself up and write at all, it’ll be a win. Still shooting for 15k, but not gonna beat myself up if I don’t hit it.
    What I’ll do to make writing easier this week: Normally I do a page or fifteen minutes at a time during the day, but I may have to make myself write at night this week.
    What are you reading right now: SAINT ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen, which is fantastic so far, but not my norm, so I catch myself wondering if dragons or serial killers will show up. 🙂

  9. Name:Mel
    Twitter Handle: @paintandwords
    How I did This past week: Crap week. Did some rewriting, deleted some scenes and rewrote new ones!
    This week’s goals: Add some words to my words count and not just rewrite different versions of the same thing
    What are you reading right now: Just finished Crenshaw and reading Our Endless numbered days. Adult by Claire Fuller

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