You’re SO Much Better Than Me. #WIPmo check-in! Beta Reader Match-Up anyone?


November is Over. Cue Rocky victory jam, if you please.

A part of me wishes I would’ve pushed more, found more time, read less books, CPd, less, edited and revised less, but not so much. Not enough to make me feel THAT bad about not having the WIP of my dreams in the shape I’d LOVE for it to be in, now that it’s December 1. Oh well, I still got a lot done this month–A LOT–and I bet you did too. You completed a novel, wrote the query and synopsis, read three books in your genre of choice, kept your house sparkly–bed made, toilets shined, showered everyday, played with your kids as much as they wanted you to, kept on top of all homework, made amazing dinners every night complete with leafy greens, started holiday shopping, had sex w/your significant other or yourself five times a week, went to the gym every day but twice, kept your eyebrows groomed, and held crying babies at the local church nursery, right? If you did, that’s amazing–please drop your robot battery off at my house so I can try it for a week. When it comes down to it, it seems that everyone put in extra work this month in some way. Everyone who was editing, revising, NaNoing, WIPmoing worked hard. For that, I crank up the Queen (We Are The Champions, of course), tip my hat, and pull the lever that releases tiny book, and He-Man & She-Ra confetti. Yaaaaaaaay! 

What did you get done this month? Share your November writing progress in the comments.

P.S. I’m thinking of doing a Beta Reader Match-Up for December and/or January. (maybe on-going?) Not line by line critiques, just a search for like-minded turn-around times, straight read throughs and feedback on plot, character, voice, first pages, etc. It would be helpful for writers (agented and non-agented) who’ve may’ve already run their manuscript through a bunch of CPs, need fresh eyes, don’t have betas, are stuck on draft two and aren’t sure what’s working or not, or just need some feedback to push them into the next revision. I’d have a questionaire you’d fill out (things like: What do you hate to read? Does the word F*ck make you cringe, want sexy time scenes? Looking for a good MG or NA? Want an agented and an unagented beta? Want one reader or five? Looking for long term?) …and then I’d match you with beta(s) depending on the type of reader(s) you’re looking for.

Let me know what you think!  ; )

Yours Truly,