She’s a Maniac, Maniac With The Words… #WIPmo CHECK IN!

I was sort of a maniac this week because I finally sent my manuscript back to my agent Thursday am. *dances all sweaty in sexy layers and legwarmers* And when I say sweaty and layers, it’s actually pretty legit. I was sick as hell and the husband was away for work so I don’t know how it got done but it did. Miracles do happen! (But really only cuz my twelve year old helped w/ toddler duties when he got home from school two days in a row). But I’m alive and back in business and totes ready to get writing like a maniac on my WIPmo WIP that I haven’t touched all month. For real guys!

No, really–Prom B*tch is back at my agent and I finally opened the WIP up and am going to hit it hard–starting tomorrow. I swear!

How did everyone else do—tell us where you’re at with your WIP in the comments.



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