Ain’t no party like an end of #WIPmo party!

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Hello #WIPmo crew! We’ve made it to the finish line. I don’t care how you got here or what you did, but we started from the bottom now we here.

Kudos to everyone who worked through the month whether you did the Nano thing or solely the Wipmo thing. I’m proud of us and I’m proud of me. Okay, I wish I was a little more proud of myself than I actually am but to be honest, I’m always a little hard on myself. I should/want/need to do more. Bleh. It’s the writer’s way!

This month I did edits, which included a little revision and a new chapter/scene, copy edits, and wrote an author’s note. Aaaaaand I did work on my WIP. I finished a scene-by-scene list from the whole ms which took a crap-ton of time. More than I’d expected. I wrote two short, new chapters for it as well. And I figured out the stuff I need to add and probably cut. I’m excited to revise it (again!) in December. Screw the holidays–I need to finishFINISHfinish this book!

How about you guys? Please comment below to celebrate and share your victories!


#WIPmo 2015! First Check-In!


It’s that time, writers! Everyone is doing Nanowrimo but for whatever reason, it’s not for you! Or, for some of you, you actually are Nano-ing but want to supplement it with something extra chill and fun. #WIPmo is here for you.

#WIPmo is pretty laid-back. It has no crazy goals that’ll have you drafting like a maniac with only time to eat one leftover piece of Halloween candy each day. With #WIPmo, you’ll have time to eat and if you want, shower. HOWEVER, you definitely want to make some goals for yourself. For instance, finish drafting your WIP! Revise your book and get it sub ready. Edit your ms and write a query! Get your ms sub ready! Push through an agent or editor revision! whatever you need to get done, let’s get it done. Make goals, be acceptable, and we’ll be here to support each other.

Another great thing about WIPmo is that we do do #WIPmo sessions together. Whether you’re drafting, revising, or editing, scheduled writing sessions help. For me, they help me get my kids to bed on time so I can pull up my laptop and get to work on evenings I may have considered Netflixing and chilling. Whenever you’re going to sit down and do some work, go ahead and use the hashtag to start up a #WIPmo session for some buddies–or if you’re trying to plan for later, check and see when one might be coming up. I usually do a session or two or three on evenings once my kids are asleep!

Each Monday is check in day. Check-in is also pretty laid-back because we don’t want anyone to drop out if they don’t check-in by 9am on a Monday. I’ll usually put the check-in post up on Sunday nights and then I’ll encourage everyone to start checking in. Try to get it done by Tuesday! If you miss a check-in, no worries. Just check-in and get back to work! Our last check-in will be the last day of November, Monday the 30th.

Everyone interested–#WIPmo is super inclusive–check in below in the comments! Feel free to ask Qs here or on the hashtag as well. I’ll check in first so you’ll see the format!

Happy Writing!

When Someone Steals November #WIPmo Check-In You Guys!

I know everyone says this every month once they become a legit grown-up, but WHERE THE HELL DID THIS MONTH GO? Someone stole November. Just a week left and boy am I glad I didn’t commit to NaNoWriMo. Cuz I would for sure be punching myself in the temple right now, drinking extra mugs of hot chocolate and Baileys with extra whip creme, and calling myself a NaNoLoser. Also, now that I’ve seen how this month has gone doing WIPMo, I know that I probably won’t do NaNo until my 3 year old is in school–and if I’m still at home. Because CRAZY.

Somehow, I finished my WIP, but sincerely, it’s SO not done. I just got to “The End” of the first draft and it’s short as hell (42,500) and I know there’s a frick ton of scenes, character development, plot development, and just everything that I will be filling in for draft two. So I guess this week will be fun (ACK) and December will be too. (ERG).

Check in–whether you’re Nano or WIPmo or a shoe shiner in Grand Central–I don’t care! We will do a final check in on December 1.

Write the following in the comments:



Current Word Count/Estimated Word Count until you write THE END

In my Writer’s World, I’m thankful for:

In my Real Life World, I’m thankful for:

Twitter Handle:

When You Must WIP It, WIP It Good.


WIPMo PSEUDO SIGN UP Right Here, Y’all!

It sounds like everyone is NaNoWriMoing this November. Writing a whole new novel in the month of November sounds like fun. But November is like twelve minutes away. It’s something I would be all over and I swear I would do it…if only:

1. I wasn’t working on edits or revisions that are taking up ALL THE SPACE in my heart and brainz right now.

2. I wasn’t boobs deep in a WIP that I just can’t lose focus on–especially for a newbie or I’ll LOSE everyyyyything!

3. It didn’t already take every ounce of self-control to not self-edit like a freaktasticle only to get a whopping 200-458 word-count in 30 minutes for #writeclub on a Friday night. 50K+ in a month for a brand new project?! Geeeulp.

4. I had a free live-in nanny

5. I had Jake Gyllenhaal and Gisele Bundchen taking turns massaging my back

Then I could totally do NaNoWriMo right now.  Instead, I am going to get amped up for everyone else doing it. I have no problem cheering on the NaNoers. I am jealous in awe of anyone who can write so fast, footloose and fancy free! GOGOGO You!

Also, I am going to use November as WIP Month. I’ve got to finish my WIP that I’ve been half slacking on and half letting life and other shenanigans get in the way of. And it looks like there are other peeps who are in the same clippership as I. Yay.

Let’s finish what we started guys.

So, who’s with me? Ya with me guys? Everybody WIPMo! Well, Everybody who’s not NaNoWriMoing anyway.

Let’s use the comments section for a PSEUDO SIGN UP.

Name or Fake Name.

Category and Genre.

Current Word Count.

Goal or Estimated Word Count til you write “THE END.”

One sentence to describe what you’ve got going on.

Then throw up your twitter handle (if you want) so you can get secret surprise #WIPMo check-ins from your fellow writers!


WIPMo is pretty chill but sometimes the crack of a whip is fun! I’ll put up a blog each Sunday night so everyone can check in that night or on Monday with their current stats!

P.S. #2

Don’t forget to follow the #WIPMo hashtag and check in Sun night or Mondays on this blog. Our last check in will be Dec. 1.