#WIPmo 2015! First Check-In!


It’s that time, writers! Everyone is doing Nanowrimo but for whatever reason, it’s not for you! Or, for some of you, you actually are Nano-ing but want to supplement it with something extra chill and fun. #WIPmo is here for you.

#WIPmo is pretty laid-back. It has no crazy goals that’ll have you drafting like a maniac with only time to eat one leftover piece of Halloween candy each day. With #WIPmo, you’ll have time to eat and if you want, shower. HOWEVER, you definitely want to make some goals for yourself. For instance, finish drafting your WIP! Revise your book and get it sub ready. Edit your ms and write a query! Get your ms sub ready! Push through an agent or editor revision! whatever you need to get done, let’s get it done. Make goals, be acceptable, and we’ll be here to support each other.

Another great thing about WIPmo is that we do do #WIPmo sessions together. Whether you’re drafting, revising, or editing, scheduled writing sessions help. For me, they help me get my kids to bed on time so I can pull up my laptop and get to work on evenings I may have considered Netflixing and chilling. Whenever you’re going to sit down and do some work, go ahead and use the hashtag to start up a #WIPmo session for some buddies–or if you’re trying to plan for later, check and see when one might be coming up. I usually do a session or two or three on evenings once my kids are asleep!

Each Monday is check in day. Check-in is also pretty laid-back because we don’t want anyone to drop out if they don’t check-in by 9am on a Monday. I’ll usually put the check-in post up on Sunday nights and then I’ll encourage everyone to start checking in. Try to get it done by Tuesday! If you miss a check-in, no worries. Just check-in and get back to work! Our last check-in will be the last day of November, Monday the 30th.

Everyone interested–#WIPmo is super inclusive–check in below in the comments! Feel free to ask Qs here or on the hashtag as well. I’ll check in first so you’ll see the format!

Happy Writing!


We got a Winner Here! Final #WIPmo Check-In 5/5


We won! You won! I won! And I’d like to thank…I’d like to thank you guys. Yeah, sure I didn’t write a 50K plus novel or revise a whole manuscript, but I did get lots of writerly stuff done and I’m so cool with that. And yes, I had a lot of distractions, being sick, Twitter, kids, being extra tired BUT YET. I pushed myself because I knew there’d be some #WIPmo accountability. There’s no way I would’ve set and met any of my November writing goals without the #WIPmo crew by my side. THAAAAAANK YOU!

How’d you do? Let me know in the comments:

1. Name & @ twitter handle if you have one

2. How your week/November went

3. What are your biggest writing distractions?

4. What you’re going to do writing wise, in December–the season of ALL THE DISTRACTIONS. But yay–lots of cookies!



WipMo Check-In 3/5 WhoaOH! We’re halfway there…WhoaOH! Living on (insert vice) & a prayer


Hey you. It’s me. I hope everyone is getting the writing and revising done that they’d hoped to get done so far. We’re about halfway through and I’m happy with where I’m at, even though I always feel I can do better. But sometimes when you’re living on candy, prayers, coffee, or pub dreams, (& there’s no Mary Poppins to take care of other life business) you can only squeak out so many words or hours in a day to write.

I was pretty busy this week (see my I Got A Book Deal post here) but somehow managed to get all my writing goals/work crammed into today. And I don’t feel like a loser about it. Yay! It wasn’t just me pounding out words just for the sake of words. I did timed writing sessions ( thanks to everyone who joined in and motivated). Even though I was timing my sessions, I didn’t put any pressure on myself for having a certain amount of words, so that helped. In a little over six hours, I got almost 5,000 words. And now with my left over writing time, I’m going to draft up this blog. Then, when my daughter is falling asleep tonight, I’ll sit in her room and work on that pitch for my WIP that I made a goal to do.

How did you guys do? Let me know in the comments and also, if you had a magic ONE HOUSEHOLD CHORE fairy for the week, what would that fairy do?

1. Name & Twitter Handle.

2. Did you meet your goals this past week? How’d it go?

3. This weeks goals are… (don’t be cheap, y’all)

4. If you had a magic fairy for the week, what would that fairy do so you’d have more writing time? (Cleaning? Cooking? Driving? Babysitting? Something else?)



You Better Write, Bitch.

You want a hot novel, a CP who don’t think you-so-sorry?

You want an agent, a publisher, a Maserati?

You better write, Bitch. You better write, Bitch.

You want to feel fancy? You wanna tweet fly numbers on #writeclub Friday nights?

You want to see your MC in a Spielberg movie? ABC Family series?

You better write, Bitch. You better write, Bitch.

Now get to work, Bitch.

Now get to WIP, Bitch.

Soooo, I’m revising/editing right now and I thought I could jump back and forth between that and WIP, but I haven’t been able to…yet. Maybe I will this week, maybe I won’t. I might have to wait to hit the WIP once my revision is totally done. Either way, I SWEAR I’m writing! 

So, let’s get on with it. WIPMo CHECK IN! If you didn’t hit our PSEUDO SIGN UP, that’s OK. Just jump in here! 

In the comments section:



Current Word Count/Estimated Word Count for “The End”

Goal for this coming week:

So far, this makes it easy to write:

& WAAAAH (cue tiny violin) this makes it hard:

Twitter Handle: