All not dressed up & a place to write! #WIPmo Check-In 1/5

Not everyone is doing Nano, so here we are! Check this post & the comments to see why #WIPmo instead of Nano this year. 

Hey everyone, take off your pants and write a while. And by take off your pants, I really just mean throw on your track pants, pjs, yoga pants, sweats, or whatever you write in. Then, it’s business time. Writing business, that is. Let’s get some books finished, started, edited, or revised.

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This our first #WIPmo check-in out of five. Every Sunday, I’ll put up a post. You’ll have Sunday and/or Monday to swing by and update us on how you did for the previous week and what your goals this week will be. I’ll usually throw in an extra question or two as well and you’ll just post your answers in the comment section. It’ll take a minute or two.

Feel free to Do use the #WIPmo hashtag throughout the week to call for writing/revising buddies or to let us know when you’ll be writing so we can join you. I’m usually writing sometime after the kids go to bed so expect some #WIPmo writing sessions parties after 9PM. *whoop whoops & tosses Halloween candy in the air like she just don’t care*

Ok. That’s it. Really!

Let’s Have a Great Week, Guys!

Post The Following In The Comments:

1. Your Twitter Handle (if you have one)

2. Your Writing Goal For The Week!

3. What you’re working on: Category/Genre & 1 sentence to describe your WIP.

4. Writing Where/Wear Of Choice: Where & What You Wear When You Write


When You Don’t Have (time? babysitters? chops? guts? desire? whatevs!) To Do Nano You #WIPmo

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Hey guys! Last year we had an awesome little group of writers that ditched NaNo (the month where you go crazy and ovaries to the wall to write a whole novel in November). It was great. We made individual goals, were supportive, and held each other… accountable. Let’s do it again!

If you have a novel to finish. If you are working on edits. If you are revising the hell out of something that you never think you’ll finish. If you need a push to start working on the book. Or a pull to finish that other book. Let’s do it.

Every Sunday I’ll post a check-in. We’ll check-in in the comments section, write about what we did and what we’re going to do. It’s easy. And we’ll check in with each other throughout the week on Twitter and have mini WIPmo writing or revising sessions. Start now or jump in mid-month–whatever you need to get on or back on track with your writing.

All inclusive over here, so whether this is your first crack at writing a book, the book you want to query, go on sub with, or the next book you’re publishing…we’re all in this together. Well, not together because we’re all in different places, like, this is online, so you know what I mean. But, yeah. Together! #WIPmo. Follow me @amilouiseallen on twitter and keep an eye on the #WIPmo hashtag. We’ll keep you on track with gifs, empty threats, and virtual candy.

Post in the comments if you’re going to do this thing & why! Then I’ll see you back here on Sunday for our first goal setting post and we’ll do a writerly meet cute of #WIPmo peeps.