Ain’t no party like an end of #WIPmo party!

Let's celebrate GIF

Hello #WIPmo crew! We’ve made it to the finish line. I don’t care how you got here or what you did, but we started from the bottom now we here.

Kudos to everyone who worked through the month whether you did the Nano thing or solely the Wipmo thing. I’m proud of us and I’m proud of me. Okay, I wish I was a little more proud of myself than I actually am but to be honest, I’m always a little hard on myself. I should/want/need to do more. Bleh. It’s the writer’s way!

This month I did edits, which included a little revision and a new chapter/scene, copy edits, and wrote an author’s note. Aaaaaand I did work on my WIP. I finished a scene-by-scene list from the whole ms which took a crap-ton of time. More than I’d expected. I wrote two short, new chapters for it as well. And I figured out the stuff I need to add and probably cut. I’m excited to revise it (again!) in December. Screw the holidays–I need to finishFINISHfinish this book!

How about you guys? Please comment below to celebrate and share your victories!


#WIPmo Check-In 4/5 Self-Care Slackers Better Recognize

tina fey sick

*sighs the longest sigh while shaking head* Geez you guys. I feel like this week was ThE wORsT for #WIPmo.

I was kind of sick, then pretty sick, then really sick. Anyone else have issues with self-care? I’m going to make this one of my biggest goals for 2015 but I’m going to start now. Anyway, I really hope you guys got more done than I did and I hope you’re taking care of yourselves in the process.

Writing is a passion, but the process now and definitely the publishing industry itself can entail stress and so much hard work.

Growing up, writing was an outlet for me. It was a way to relieve stress, a way to get my feelings and emotions out. So for me, sometimes I feel like since I’m doing this writing thing, THAT IS MY VICE. And my reward. Because I’m passionate about it. And yes, it is all of those things, but now I need to realize that it’s not solely my chill time, my rest time, my venting time, my emoting time. Because sometimes (lots of times) I’m putting off other things because I feel “Oh who cares about making that doctor appointment, healthy stuff, social stuff, or enough sleep because like well, at least I’m writing!” So taking better care of myself now, in 2015, and beyond is going to be something I take a LOT more seriously. So. Writing and then Yoga date anyone?


Check-in by answering the following questions in the comments section! Anyone writing whatever can check-in whether this is your fourth or first #WIPmo week!

1. Name/Twitter @ Handle if applicable

2. How did this past week go for you? Meet, exceed or “Wait, what goals?”

3. This week’s goals! (Don’t be scared of the holiday but don’t overextend yourself either.)

4. Other than writing, how do you relax/take the edge off/relieve stress/take care of yourself? What else are you doing for YOU? Anything you want to start doing more of?

When One Of Your Most Wildest Dreams Is Coming True

Oh, hi guys! I have a super fun incredibly exciting post for you today.

Yo doooo? (on writing advice from non writers)

Yes, I do. And it’s awesome. I will try to make it quick. No, no I won’t.

When I was 12, my BFF Donna and I would trade books back and forth like they were the most delicious drug of your life. We were two book-loving kindred spirits and it was lovely.

Anne of Gr Gables BFF

Anne of Green Gables, The BabySitter’s Club, Sweet Valley everything, Catcher In The Rye, Wuthering Heights. Basically, we were two badass kids living in an awful religious commune cult at the time and any decent book we could get our hands on was like…high inducing. I am not ashamed, WE WERE FREAKING CRAZY ABOUT THE BOOKS. (And also NKOTB bc duh!)

nkotb cartoon dancing

So. I read Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes. I loved it. I was inspired. I went from creating mini magazine parodies and drawing cartoons to giving my first actual novel a go. I wanted to write a book with all the feels too. Maybe I wasn’t your average twelve year old: My book was about a girl who watches her depressed friend shoot herself. Donna was my first reader. She was probably freaked out.

KW shocked:scared

Lucky for her, it got tricky to write first person, present tense point-of-view and I gave up. I went back to making little magazines and improv-ing sketches on tape.

That was a long time ago. Since then, I’ve written hundreds of poems and songs, an unfinished screenplay, a short story. (You know, all the things that’ll never see the light of day). In 2008, I started a memoir-based novel. But I was also working a job that got kind of…

office don't want to do anything I'm dying

Then long story short I quit that job & decided to get all up in my book writing. I pulled out my one writing book, notebook, files, checked out and bought more writing books, cruised the internet, and learned a lot. I also ditched the memoir-based novel because my writing partner in crime (one of my high school BFFs) Laura said, “Let’s start something new and fun and just write!” So I opened up a new file, and was inspired by high-school, first love, good times, bad times, and of course some 90210 drama.

old 90210

Wait. Not old school 90210, new 90210 with Matt Lanter.

90210 in hallway

I titled the new document PROM BITCH and just started writing. I kept writing and sharing chapters with Laura and also sent them to my non-writerly but gracious, awesome & supportive BFF Jen. These two were so awesome during this time because that first draft was a hundred drafts ago, you guys and was shit so, so rough but Jen & Laura were always like YAY! GO! THIS IS LIKE A REAL STORY! I LOVE IT!

90210 thumbs up

And I queried and got an agent! Victoria Lowes believed in my book too. And then the revisions. I revised once more, then with Victoria, I revised two more times. And then I entered what most writers call “SUB HELL.” This is the time where it’s like querying, but instead of getting an agent to love your book enough to want to sell it, your agent pitches it to editors. Yes, it was hell, I suppose. But for me, it was also really, really exciting. Victoria really guided me with those revisions and I think we got a great book out there so the rejections were actually pretty easy to take. Also, it’s easy for me to say this now. I won’t even lie. Sometimes the process did feel like reliving my twenties. You know:


keep getting knocked down

No leg shaving

hairy legs gif

and the Wait! What? Whyyyyyy?

you liked me then you just left gif

& treats to ease the pain:

crying donut gif

Ok Fine. Super Long Story. Wrapping it up. It wasn’t too long before Victoria emailed me with: CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET A CHANCE! : ) Right away I knew it was an offer. (because what kind of evil agent would email you something like that if it wasn’t right?!) So I started sweating. I was in Barnes & Noble. I bought my daughter a giant cookie and a toy, put her in her carseat and called Victoria from the parking lot.

stomach hurts, pits are sweating KW

I was right. Victoria said we had an offer! I was very:

huh what KW face (phone text)

So Victoria explained it. Someone wanted my book! An editor wanted it and then my book made it through the acquisitions process–YAY! So, after some OMG hurry up you guys! fun paperworky contract agent/publisher stuff and me having the worst time holding onto this secret…

I'm ready to paaaarty gif

I’m super thrilled and excited to announce that I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!

elaine ecstatic

Kristin Kulsavage of SkyHorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press has bought PROM BITCH for release in Fall of 2015! Here’s the deal announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace:


In case you can’t read it, it says: “Debut author Ami Allen-Vath’s PROM BITCH, about a high school senior navigating prom season amidst panic attacks, a new boyfriend, & a suicide letter from the class outcast, to Kristin Kulsavage at Sky Pony Press, in a nice deal, for publication Fall 2015, by Victoria Lowes of The Bent Agency.”

You guys! YOU GUYS. My book will be something we can buy and hold and kiss and oh crap…READ, I guess! In Fall of 2015!?!? *kind of faints*

What Is Happening?! gif

So huge thanks to everyone who has been with me so far. I am not going to name all the names yet bc how boring would the book’s acknowledgements be if you’d already read them here. But HUGE thank you to the guy who was like “Whoa you’re writing a book? We better go get you a real laptop.” and “You’re gonna ignore me on our anniversary vacation in Puerto Rico to finish writing a book called Prom Bitch? Sure!”

dancing for cop

Yes, that’d be Justin, my amazing husband! (Who totally used to be a cop and totally thinks all my moves rock). Thanks Justin and thank YOU, supportive Family & Friends and Future Readers of my book!


Where Your Words At?! #WIPmo Check-in 2/5

Hey you! Whether you are a crazy novel writing machine or whether you got 400 words in this week, what’s up? Did you meet the goals you set last week? Did you exceed them or fall a little short?

Make sure your goals are attainable but also something you’ll have to work for!

This week was a bit rough for me. I was sick, my husband was out of the country Mon-Fri, and…and…and. I did make my goal. (ok, I will! As I write this I’m a few hundred words short but I can get that before Monday). So, I did make my goal but I think I could’ve done more. There were times where my son was at school, daughter was occupied, and I just chose not to write. This is fine any other day, but I would like to come out of November with something more than status quo. So, I’m going to do more this week. Maybe my goal won’t be something insane, but those times when I just sit there scrolling Twitter feeds looking for a blog post to read or checking out pictures of your cat, I’m going to grab my laptop and just add a few words. Or jot down scene ideas. Something more!

So, thanks for joining us this past week and/or this coming week. Let’s get some words in and push ourselves even more this week.

Comment below with:
1. Your name/Twitter handle
2. How this past week went
3. This coming week’s writing goal(s). Is it to write every day? Increase word count? Amount of hours you’ll set aside? Pages revised? Specific scene rewrite? Whatever! You need to get done!
4. If you could take a solo, one week writer’s retreat, yes–just you, (friends & family happy to see you go alone, babysitter check, day job money compensated, airfare check!) where would you go?

When You Must WIP It, WIP It Good.


WIPMo PSEUDO SIGN UP Right Here, Y’all!

It sounds like everyone is NaNoWriMoing this November. Writing a whole new novel in the month of November sounds like fun. But November is like twelve minutes away. It’s something I would be all over and I swear I would do it…if only:

1. I wasn’t working on edits or revisions that are taking up ALL THE SPACE in my heart and brainz right now.

2. I wasn’t boobs deep in a WIP that I just can’t lose focus on–especially for a newbie or I’ll LOSE everyyyyything!

3. It didn’t already take every ounce of self-control to not self-edit like a freaktasticle only to get a whopping 200-458 word-count in 30 minutes for #writeclub on a Friday night. 50K+ in a month for a brand new project?! Geeeulp.

4. I had a free live-in nanny

5. I had Jake Gyllenhaal and Gisele Bundchen taking turns massaging my back

Then I could totally do NaNoWriMo right now.  Instead, I am going to get amped up for everyone else doing it. I have no problem cheering on the NaNoers. I am jealous in awe of anyone who can write so fast, footloose and fancy free! GOGOGO You!

Also, I am going to use November as WIP Month. I’ve got to finish my WIP that I’ve been half slacking on and half letting life and other shenanigans get in the way of. And it looks like there are other peeps who are in the same clippership as I. Yay.

Let’s finish what we started guys.

So, who’s with me? Ya with me guys? Everybody WIPMo! Well, Everybody who’s not NaNoWriMoing anyway.

Let’s use the comments section for a PSEUDO SIGN UP.

Name or Fake Name.

Category and Genre.

Current Word Count.

Goal or Estimated Word Count til you write “THE END.”

One sentence to describe what you’ve got going on.

Then throw up your twitter handle (if you want) so you can get secret surprise #WIPMo check-ins from your fellow writers!


WIPMo is pretty chill but sometimes the crack of a whip is fun! I’ll put up a blog each Sunday night so everyone can check in that night or on Monday with their current stats!

P.S. #2

Don’t forget to follow the #WIPMo hashtag and check in Sun night or Mondays on this blog. Our last check in will be Dec. 1.