In Case You’re Wondering About Me


I’m a Young Adult Contemporary author, currently living along the shores of New Jersey with my husband, two children, and a dog named Yoda. I was born and mostly raised in Minnesota. (Although, due to army brat and perhaps a fear of commitment, I’ve also lived in the following places as well: Germany, VA, MS, SC, NY, RI, FL, GA, NJ)

I think everyone should have: time to write or do something that makes you feel like YOU, a journal or cozy laptop, a nearby library and bookstore, positive and supportive friends and family, and a great therapist for the times when none of that is enough.

I love books that make me laugh and/or want to “fall” off a bridge, vacations, stand-up comedy, my kids’ laughter, my husband’s compliments, yoga, contentment, Spring, and the thrill of hunting down a great mascara.

I don’t like birds, cilantro, or cartoon character impressions.

I am represented by the effervescent Victoria Lowes of The Bent Agency.

(photo credit: Max Allen-Guzman)


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