Ain’t no party like an end of #WIPmo party!

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Hello #WIPmo crew! We’ve made it to the finish line. I don’t care how you got here or what you did, but we started from the bottom now we here.

Kudos to everyone who worked through the month whether you did the Nano thing or solely the Wipmo thing. I’m proud of us and I’m proud of me. Okay, I wish I was a little more proud of myself than I actually am but to be honest, I’m always a little hard on myself. I should/want/need to do more. Bleh. It’s the writer’s way!

This month I did edits, which included a little revision and a new chapter/scene, copy edits, and wrote an author’s note. Aaaaaand I did work on my WIP. I finished a scene-by-scene list from the whole ms which took a crap-ton of time. More than I’d expected. I wrote two short, new chapters for it as well. And I figured out the stuff I need to add and probably cut. I’m excited to reviseĀ it (again!) in December. Screw the holidays–I need to finishFINISHfinish this book!

How about you guys? Please comment below to celebrate and share your victories!


#WIPmo check in. One Week Left!

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Hey you! How are you? How’s work? The fam? Getting enough sleep? How’s life? How’s the book?

The book? Ohhhhh yeah, the book! Confession time, I’ve been doing other writerly things rather than working on my book. Yep, I’ve been putting it last on the list. I’d really love to have it complete. And sub-ready. I am SOCLOSE. But more things keep popping up to do (For Liars and Losers Like Us) and then I just *yawns* get so tired and decide I “deserve” the wind-down time, the chill time, etc etc. But here’s the deal, if I have time to lay in bed for an hour and scroll mindlessly through twitter, toggle back to Facebook, google a random question or two, read the latest Kardashian update, I HAVE TIME TO WORK ON MY WIP.

It’s so important to be working on the next thing. If you’ve been busting your ass to make your goals this month and exceeding them, I commend you! If you’ve been doing other stuff that is taxing and you’ve been feeling a bit rundown, I know this feel. I think adjusting your goal this last week to be a little more realistic (especially if you have an extra work load, holiday stuff, or other life stuff happening) THAT IS FINE. AHEM. BUT! BUT! BUT! Do not give up. Do not do the minimal. And I highly encourage you, if you are very close to making your goal, EXCEED IT. It’s okay to adjust your goals to make them a bit more realistic, but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon them. This is our last week. I’d love to see some extra work put in. An extra session on a night you were going to watch TV. A lunch/writing session. A night session with another #WIPmo or #Nano pal. Carve out that time. Finish strong!

One week left, y’all! Let work together to make this happen.

Check-in in the comments!

Where Your Words At?! #WIPmo Check-in 2/5

Hey you! Whether you are a crazy novel writing machine or whether you got 400 words in this week, what’s up? Did you meet the goals you set last week? Did you exceed them or fall a little short?

Make sure your goals are attainable but also something you’ll have to work for!

This week was a bit rough for me. I was sick, my husband was out of the country Mon-Fri, and…and…and. I did make my goal. (ok, I will! As I write this I’m a few hundred words short but I can get that before Monday). So, I did make my goal but I think I could’ve done more. There were times where my son was at school, daughter was occupied, and I just chose not to write. This is fine any other day, but I would like to come out of November with something more than status quo. So, I’m going to do more this week. Maybe my goal won’t be something insane, but those times when I just sit there scrolling Twitter feeds looking for a blog post to read or checking out pictures of your cat, I’m going to grab my laptop and just add a few words. Or jot down scene ideas. Something more!

So, thanks for joining us this past week and/or this coming week. Let’s get some words in and push ourselves even more this week.

Comment below with:
1. Your name/Twitter handle
2. How this past week went
3. This coming week’s writing goal(s). Is it to write every day? Increase word count? Amount of hours you’ll set aside? Pages revised? Specific scene rewrite? Whatever! You need to get done!
4. If you could take a solo, one week writer’s retreat, yes–just you, (friends & family happy to see you go alone, babysitter check, day job money compensated, airfare check!) where would you go?